Chef Made.
 Plant-Based Doughnuts.

Frequently asked questions

No eggs
No milk
No butter or dairy
No preservatives
No fluoride (we use purified water in every batch)
No bone char (We use Organic sweeteners)
No food coloring
No hormones or antibiotics
No preservatives
All plant based, All natural. All love
  1. How much per doughnut?
    We currently sell our donuts in small batches for online delivery. We have 1/3 Dozen / 1/2 Dozen / Full Dozen for order. Prices vary depending on flavor, please email for pricing.
  2. What's in Artisadough?
    Our Dough is Chef Shalom's top secret recipe but we will say it's a blend of Yeast, Organic grains, starches and also features a low glycemic sweetener.
  3. Why are they considered plant based?
    Every ingredient comes from or is sourced directly from a whole plant based source.
  4. Are they Gluten free or gluten free options?
  5. Are they Vegan?
  6. Do they have any animal products in them?
    Absolutely Not.