Chef Made.
 Plant-Based Doughnuts.
Plant-based art on a plate and our gift to you
Artisadough is the brainchild of Chef Shalom, also known as The Meditating Chef. Artisadough offers a consciously designed and crafted variety of Artisanal plant based doughnuts hand crafted by Chef Shalom himself. Chef Shalom focused on creating bold flavors that showcase a high level of technique and flavor detail. Each glaze undergoes the detailed level of execution, essential Chef Shalom is highlighting his understanding as a saucier and executive chef. Chef Shalom describes the creations as wanting to bring a Chef meal and experience through the technique and flavors of the doughnuts. The base of each doughnut has been carefully crafted and tested and offers the highest level of experience in terms of flavor, consistency and texture of a yeast plant based doughnut. The dough itself is also made without the use of sugar and relies on natural plant-based sweeteners, turning out a final product that offers less sugar and a more conscious approach while still focusing on flavor and execution. 

With deep knowledge of the culinary space and appreciation for world cuisine, Chef Shalom translates his passion to Artisadough. Our flavors are world fusion inspired, we set out to reimagine flavors of dishes and some of our favorite things in a bold new way, with a plant-based focus. 

Notably, Chef Shalom's baking has been dubbed some of the best by the greats of our time such as Toni Morrison referencing his biscuits as the best she's had since her mother's. 

Artisadough is plant-based art on a plate and our gift to you.